The history of FISK Seafood ehf

FISK Seafood was formed on the January 1st 2005 when Fiskiðjan Skagfirðingur and Skagstrendingur merged. This was a natural progression as FISK ehf. (owned by Fiskiðjan Skagfirðingur) had previously bought all shares of Skagstrendingur.

The joint stock company Skagfirðingur was formed in Oktober 31st 1989. Its name was changed into Fiskiðjan Skagfirðingur in May of 1995.

Fiskiðjan Skagfirðingur has been build by merging or buying companies over the past decades. These companies include: Fiskiðja Sauðárkróks, Hraðfrystihús Grundarfjarðar, Útgerðarfélag Skagfirðinga and Skjöldur.

Two days before christmas 1955, Fiskiðja Sauðárkróks was formed and its original owners were Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga and the town of Sauðárkrókur.

In 1968 the town of Sauðárkrókur, along with Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga, Fiskiðja Sauðárkróks, Skjöldur and a number of individuals formed Útgerðarfélag Skagfirðinga.  Later Útgerðarfélagið Nöf in the nearby town of Hofsós was also united into that company.  The roots of Skjöldur go back to 11th of June 1968, when a number of pioneers in Skagafjörður formed that company. On the 31st of March, 1940, Hraðfrystihús Grundarfjarðar was formed by a number of individuals from Snæfellsnes.  Skagstrendingur was formed on the 8th of desember 1968 by the local community and 112 of the local population. Most homes in the area bought shares and helped give birth to the company.



  • 1940 – Hraðfrystihús Grundarfjarðar hf
  • 1955 – Fiskiðja Sauðárkróks hf
  • 1968 – Útgerðarfélag Skagfirðinga hf
  • 1968 – Skjöldur hf
  • 1968 – Skagstrendingur hf
  • 1989 – The jointstock company Skagfirðingur is formed
  • 1995 – Name changed to Fiskiðjan Skagfirðingur
  • 2005 – FISK Seafood ehf. formed